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About Me

My name is Elise Maile and I simply love front-end coding.

Perfectly comfortable coding in HTML5 and CSS3, designing in Photoshop, or supporting clients in Wordpress or on social media, I believe websites should always be user friendly and forward thinking.
I am currently looking for part-time contract work in the London area where I can put my skills to good use and work effectively in a team environment.

Not only do I enjoy front-end coding, I also have an appreciation for science and art, whether it's designing in Adobe Photoshop or consuming films or literature, or physics videos on YouTube. I've been known to pick up a paintbrush on occasion (both DIY and artisticlly), dabble in gardening or spend an evening decorating my nails. I also enjoy running and baking.

I like to continue bettering myself so recently I have been expanding my skill set by learning javascript at a short course at City University London and refreshing my JQuery knowledge. My favourite sites for learning are Codecademy and Treehouse. I have experimented with various e-commerce solutions available, specifically those offered by WordPress. I hope to continue learning and growing through the knowledge of others and through real work experience.

If you are interested in hiring me as a part-time freelancer or have a project you think I might be interested in please contact me. My CV is available on request.


Websites and Projects

Hi, my name is Elise and I am a part-time freelance front-end developer. I love to code, creating successful, user-friendly websites that excite my clients and their users, giving everyone the power to own and run a piece of the web.

Other work (web, graphical), code updates and musings can be seen on my blog



Iron Mountain Web Developer

Since June 2013 I have been working for the global records management company Iron Mountain. In charge of maintaining and uploading content and marketing campaigns to all the European Iron Mountain websites, I am the only European based web developer (with support teams based in India and USA). I am working in multiple languages with field team members, implementing new URL structures and taxonomies to core EU sites, and working with team members across the globe to utilise skill sets and improve the Iron Mountain websites in order to increase sales leads.
Technologies used include Sitecore, Eloqua and Salesforce

Freelance Web-Developer

Since 2008 I have been working mainly as a contractor to Controlled Projects Ltd and my job description has evolved to include an important role in the redesign(s) of their change control system (used by Gatwick Airport, Costain and EC Harris) and the maintenance of the CSS and HTML. I have also gained experience in the creation and maintenance of wikis, WordPress blogging and a basic understanding of .asp, xml and xsl. The most recent version of their change control system has been built using HTML5, CSS3 and has a strong focus on responsive design.

If you are interested in hiring me as a freelancer or have a project you think I might be interested in please contact me. My CV and is available on request.


Self Taught

I’ve been designing on computers since I was 13. Before that I was a good drawer and painter, but as soon as I got my first computer I began creating ‘Cartoon Dolls’ – images of small dolls with clothes drawn on first in Windows Paint and later in Paint Shop Pro. When I was 15 I taught myself the language of the web: HTML, in notepad in order to display my designs on my own website. I still have all my old cartoon doll designs.


In 2005 I went to St Mary’s University College to study English and Media Arts. I concentrated on Photoshop and later Web Design in my Media Arts course and gained the first ever 100% in a media module for a Christmas themed flash animation. I graduated with a 2:1 and a part-time job working for Controlled Projects Ltd. as a junior web designer. I have since worked part-time at St Mary’s University College as a learning support assistant; teaching the students the same skills that were taught to me, and I have built numerous websites for smaller businesses.

I am currently taking a short course at City University London. The course cover javascript and manipulation of the DOM. I wanted to expand my knowledge of JQuery and move into using javascript instead.

Contact Me

Contact Elise Maile

I am currently interested in front-end development roles, as either a one-off project or in a freelance or part-time contract role.

Specific skills extend to Adobe Photoshop, HTML/5, CSS/3, JQuery and javascript, CMS and Wordpress and some PHP. Further details and CV available on request.

E-mail me info@e-maile.co.uk

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Blog/Portfolio E-Maile

Villa Belek Website

A website to advertise a villa available for rent in Belek, Turkey.

Redesign was completed using Foundation4. Website is now fully respoinsive to work on mobiles and tablets. JQuery plugins are used to give a more interactive user experience when viewing images.

More Information..

Cosmosity Proms

A teaser style website for a prom night based in the South East of England.

Built using HTML5 and CSS3, a clean looking website with large photographs suitable to the prom theme. Responsive design was also taken into consideration, and the contact form was built using WuFoo after some website host issues.

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Project Management System

A complex project management system built as part of a team with Controlled Projects Ltd. Used by clients Gatwick Airport, Costain and Highways Agency.

The database structure is built using asp. My role has been to ensure an aesthetically pleasing UX with help from a designer, which is both responsive and backwards compatible using a mixture of HTML and CSS3, with minimal javascript to ensure faster download times on slower internet speeds

Details available on Request

DW Sound

The second version of the sound engineer website, DWSound. Built in CSS2/3 and XHTML with a CMS (content management system) to allow the client to update the webpage as they see fit.

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